2nd edition

Hello everyone!

This second post is long overdue! So, without further ado here we go!

Here’s the list, in no particular order, of the random stuff bouncing around in my head.

1)I don’t remember when the game was, but in the locker room after the game we were talking about a “3 dressed up as a 9”  For those of you not familiar with the song here’s the link to Trooper playing edmonton coloseium in ….1979!

I realize most of you on the team were not born yet, I was 8 at the time….yes the goalie is old, get over it!


2) A couple of games ago (?) we got shut-out/bageled by some team 4-0. In the 3rd period our own Dave Robin, out of frustration, that their goalie was stoning us left,right and centre, took a slapshot from point-blank range.  Which of course he stopped as well.  That reminded me of Steve Larmer’s favorite move on penalty shots;

This one is from his days with the Rangers, but he also did it a couple of times when he played for Chicago.


3)This thought started at Balcaen’s Grey Cup party;  Crazy George.  The original dancing Gabe, albeit with rythym….  Here’s his website:


I remember him at Jet’s games when I was a younger lad, and he was at Bc Lion’s games as well.  If you look at his Wikipedia page, in his list of references you will see that I am, in fact, not losing my marbles, he was at Jet’s games!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krazy_George_Henderson

Stick tap to Led for backing me up/being as old as me and remembering.

4)I’ve been telling you guys to use this move on breakaways, shootouts, whatever for years so…..  Here is the Forsberg/Zhamnov move for your viewing pleasure:

and a couple of Zhamnov’s as well;


Last thing, speaking of Zhamnov, when are the current Jet’s going to get Burmistrov to do the “Read books” commercial?  I’ve tried to locate a video of the commercial, but no luck.  I might have to send an email to Joe Pascuci to see if CKND has some footage stored in the vault!

That is all for now!

Goalie out!

Ps. Next Oil Rag to feature player profiles!  Stay tuned…









Oil rag -1.0

Game day gents!

Some quick one timers from last saturday’s game!

1)Lots of hard work, tons of scoring chances, we should have had 8 goals on the score sheet, but their goalie robbed us on a few. The save he made doing the splits comes to mind.

2)Stick tap to Chris aka “Carcillo” Leduchowski for taking care of business for the goalie. Next time I guess I will just have to jump in quicker.

3)With regards to dressing room banter. You guys looked at me like I was from a different planet or I had just sprouted two extra heads, when I made reference to the movie Threesome. The reason this came up is that we were talking about the ass-slapper Jeremy Perron, LKHC alumni. I said he reminded me of Stephen Baldwin’s character in the movie. For all you non-believers or kids that are too damn young to remember a movie from 1994 here is the Imdb link. (I knew I wasn’t crazy)


See you boyz tonight at the rink. Game time 2130, get there early to get a prime spot in the room!
Goalie out

Solid Outing Monday Night

2009/2010 Lube Kings HC

Glenwood, MB

On a night that saw the Lube kings play arguably their best hockey of the season, the home side would not be denied. Leading with a 3 point performance of his own, Shawn decided to halt the team’s current 2 game winning streak.

The rest of the team responded with many notable moments of their own – Leduchowski forcing the Haze’s goalie to cough up the puck leading to a goal in the second perod, Baetsen mucking it out in the corners, Mich making huge momentum saving saves, and more importantly the team’s ability to sustain pressure deep in the Haze’s own end throughout the game.

The team unveiled their new team colours (for the second time) as well on this night. The new jerseys’ advanced aerodynamic properties were evident in the first period when Shawn easily outskated the Haze’s defencement in a race down the ice which he managed to put past their keeper to set the early tone. Merchandise sales are sure to swell in the new year.

Also of note was Lube King Alumni Serg Almeida’s return to the ice after a lengthy absence. After enduring a barrage of verbal assaults in the dressing room prior to the game, Serg was basically useless on the ice with the exception of a heated verbal exchange with the haze and the ref late in the third period. Like I said, we’ve really missed him!


Monday, January 4th @ 22:30 at Dakota VS Wolverines
We are 1-0 this season (7-5 win in September)

We’ve also got a team building night before the game at Big Guy’s on Meadowood starting at 19:00. It would be great to have everyone come out.

As usual, let me know if you can’t make the game.


Season Well Underway

With the 09/10 campaign now already in its 5th week, the Lube Kings find themselves with a 3-1 record in division 4 play. The first few games proved to be of the team building variety with the home side overcoming several early goal deficits en route to victories.

New additions Chubala, Nixon and Leduchowski are proving to be valuable additions to the squad as all 3 have shown up regularly on the score sheet.

Of note, Chris Leduchowski hopes to bring a championship vibe to the team after recently claiming championship glory in the Wpg senior men’s outdoor soccer league.

The Lube Kings can next be seen on the ice this Saturday @ 22:30 VS The Blues at Glenwood.


09-10 Season Draws Nearer

As the summer that never was draws nearer to its end, the members of the Lube Kings hockey club are now in full preparation mode for the upcoming winter season. Dry land training is now a mandatory conditioning requirement for the 4th divison’s elite squad.

The Lube Kings will be sporting new uniforms this season. The prestigeous orange and blue of the 80’s Oilers will be making its debut on the Dakota ice in late September. Thanks to Fagundes for his work on the new design.

The Lube Kings are also welcoming a new addition to its family this year with the addition of newly signed Stephen Nixon (Stevie Nix) Nixon brings with him a wealth of….. Well, he’s a good guy and he’s got the cash.

In related player moves, the club announced today the signing of highly touted defenseman Chris Leduchowski to a 1 year guaranteed contract. Chris brings with him years of captaincy in the fire department league and all the trash talk you know that entails.
(Seen here decorating a cake)

Our third and last off season acquisition is Kyle Chubala who come to us by way of our European farm system. Kyle comes highly recommended and has been signed to an entry level contract.

More info on game times to follow in the coming weeks.


Lube Kings Invitational

A great time was had Thursday night as the Lube Kings faced off against a squad made up of alumni & friends at the MTS Center.

The crowd was raucous and well involved from the beginning as both sides exchanged displays of skill and endurance. The night wrapped up with the obligatory shoot out in which the big winner, as always, was sportsmanship…


08-09 Season Wraps Up

Late Wednesday Result

Well who wants to play hockey when the Masters is on the tube anyway?….

The Lube Kings sure picked an inopportune time to play their worst game of the season. We’ll keep it short. We lost 9-2.

GM Balcaen was overheard from the hallway advising the troops that dry-land training in preparation for the 09-10 season is set to begin in the coming weeks. Until then, make sure to get your entries in for the 9th annual DBC and stay tuned for info on next year’s Lube Kings try-outs.


Bring On Round 2!

South St Vital, MB

It was all smiles in the Lube Kings dressing room last night following a resounding 5-0 first round victory over the Crazy Coyotes in Dakota league action. Led by Shawn’s 2 goal performance, the home side now awaits the winner between 13 Guys and a Puck and the Chiefs. Others chipping in on the the score sheet last night were Dano & Graham both recording 2 assists, and Rick & Chris both notching goals and assists. Updated stats are now available on the website.

There’s nothing like peaking at the right time, and this certainly applied to Goalie Mich. Realizing the magnitude of the game at hand, the fabled puck stopper managed to produce his first shut-out of the season. “I think we had to send a message to the rest of the league with this game.” An introspective Driedger shared with the media following the contest.

We’ll see if the message was received by the rest of the league later this week when the Lube Kings take to the ice once again in round two.

Game 2 is set to go this Wednesday night @ 22:00 at Dakota. Good seats still available.


Lube Kings Primed for 09 Playoff Run

South St-Vital, MB

With a mere 4 games remaining in the 08/09 regular season, the Lube Kings HC is in full post season preparation mode. Season ticket holders are reminded to pick up their playoff packages at the box office.

In a recent contest versus the GOBS on Feb 25, veteran blue-liner Russ Audette suffered a serious injury to his knee after falling awkwardly behind his own net. The somber Audette was later quoted as saying “You guys are going to have to win it without me….” The rest of the defence corps has since been put on notice to expect more ice time.

Other notable injuries this year included Ryan Wood who suffered a broken ankle in a freak accident early on in the season at the Lube Kings dry-land training facility. Expectations are also high for a late season comeback from crowd favorite and highly touted off season acquisition Marty Bruyere.

Stay tuned to lubekings.com for updates on the post season.


Good Start to 08-09 Season

Last night at Dakota CC the Lube Kings dresses for their 3rd game of the 08-09 campaign. Due to an early start tomorrow morning this update will be kept brief.

We tied at 5.

The early points leaders through 3 games are Shawn with 6 pts and Marty, Rick, Graham and Dave tied for second with 5 pts each.

We’re planing a post-game tailgate event after next Saturday’s game so be sure to let the Goalie know if you’ll be there.


That is all.