2nd edition

Hello everyone!

This second post is long overdue! So, without further ado here we go!

Here’s the list, in no particular order, of the random stuff bouncing around in my head.

1)I don’t remember when the game was, but in the locker room after the game we were talking about a “3 dressed up as a 9”  For those of you not familiar with the song here’s the link to Trooper playing edmonton coloseium in ….1979!

I realize most of you on the team were not born yet, I was 8 at the time….yes the goalie is old, get over it!


2) A couple of games ago (?) we got shut-out/bageled by some team 4-0. In the 3rd period our own Dave Robin, out of frustration, that their goalie was stoning us left,right and centre, took a slapshot from point-blank range.  Which of course he stopped as well.  That reminded me of Steve Larmer’s favorite move on penalty shots;

This one is from his days with the Rangers, but he also did it a couple of times when he played for Chicago.


3)This thought started at Balcaen’s Grey Cup party;  Crazy George.  The original dancing Gabe, albeit with rythym….  Here’s his website:


I remember him at Jet’s games when I was a younger lad, and he was at Bc Lion’s games as well.  If you look at his Wikipedia page, in his list of references you will see that I am, in fact, not losing my marbles, he was at Jet’s games!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krazy_George_Henderson

Stick tap to Led for backing me up/being as old as me and remembering.

4)I’ve been telling you guys to use this move on breakaways, shootouts, whatever for years so…..  Here is the Forsberg/Zhamnov move for your viewing pleasure:

and a couple of Zhamnov’s as well;


Last thing, speaking of Zhamnov, when are the current Jet’s going to get Burmistrov to do the “Read books” commercial?  I’ve tried to locate a video of the commercial, but no luck.  I might have to send an email to Joe Pascuci to see if CKND has some footage stored in the vault!

That is all for now!

Goalie out!

Ps. Next Oil Rag to feature player profiles!  Stay tuned…