Oil rag -1.0

Game day gents!

Some quick one timers from last saturday’s game!

1)Lots of hard work, tons of scoring chances, we should have had 8 goals on the score sheet, but their goalie robbed us on a few. The save he made doing the splits comes to mind.

2)Stick tap to Chris aka “Carcillo” Leduchowski for taking care of business for the goalie. Next time I guess I will just have to jump in quicker.

3)With regards to dressing room banter. You guys looked at me like I was from a different planet or I had just sprouted two extra heads, when I made reference to the movie Threesome. The reason this came up is that we were talking about the ass-slapper Jeremy Perron, LKHC alumni. I said he reminded me of Stephen Baldwin’s character in the movie. For all you non-believers or kids that are too damn young to remember a movie from 1994 here is the Imdb link. (I knew I wasn’t crazy)


See you boyz tonight at the rink. Game time 2130, get there early to get a prime spot in the room!
Goalie out