Rough Night at the Glen

Glenwood, MB
Thursday night result

Well, it’s still early in the season…. I won’t sugar coat it: we got smoked 10-5 in a game where half of their shots seemed to register on the goal sheet.

Ryan Wood made a flashy Lube King debut last night registering a hooking penalty in the first 10 seconds of the game. He was later seen adjusting his foil in the penalty box… Young Wood would more than make up for his early indiscretion later in the second frame. With complete disregard for his own safety and well-being, Ryan laid out to push the puck past the keeper just before crashing heavily head first into the end boards. The on-site medical staff was happy to be waived off the ice once he started moving again.

Lube Kings: 5
13 Guys and a Puck: 10

Balcaen, Dano, Ryan, Chris (2)

Rick, Graham

Tuesday, October 4th @ 22:45 at GLENWOOD
Lube Kings(1-1) VS Gobs (1-0)